Wasatch Home Inspections

Bad Home Inspector

I recently visited a new homeowner in her new home.  She was having water intrusion into her basement – I came to visit her to help diagnose her problem.  After ruling out ground water seepage into her basement, I jumped up on the roof to have a look at the chimney.  Sure enough, it was obvious how water was entering through the openings in the chimney brick mortar.  Rain water entered the chimney and ran all the way to the basement where it spread out onto the floor.

This was easy for me to diagnose, but the most interesting thing to me (and should be for you) was that she had a home inspection prior to purchasing this home – you guessed it, the home inspection report did not mention the openings in her chimney brick mortar!!!

It is hard for me to believe that such “run and gun”, or “in and out” home inspections are still being done.  She told me the home inspector was only in her home for a couple of hours and he seemed rushed to leave near the end.

Beware of the home inspector you choose…after-all, it’s your choice!  Nothing like this would have happened following a Wasatch Home Inspection!