Wasatch Home Inspections

Small things…

The purpose of a home inspection is to make notable observations about the home our client hopes to purchase.  All the major flaws or deficiencies are important, but also major features of value–like all new windows for example.

We owe it to our clients to keep our eye out for the major things, but we should also be making observations about minor deficiencies.  The reason for this?  A home with lists and lists of deferred maintenance can add up to a major deficiency.  Have you ever bought a “fixer upper”?  Well, I have!  And the receipts paying for repairs of deferred maintenance that pile up over your first several years of ownership can be shocking.

So, this is the reason that minor deficiencies should be included in a home inspection report–after all, there is a huge difference between buying a home that is “move-in” quality, and buying a home with lists and lists of repairs and improvements wanting.