Wasatch Home Inspections


The following client testimonials are from recent Wasatch Home Inspections here in Utah:

January 27, 2016

Posted on Yelp:

“This guy is a freaking joke.  He has no idea what he’s doing.  He cost me the sale of my home because of a completely ridiculous report.  This guy is either a complete moron or completely irresponsible as an inspector.  He thought our home had Chinese drywall in it.  And he came to this conclusion on some weird smell he picked up in the home that no one else did.  I could see maybe coming to the conclusion if he had some hard evidence.  Or if maybe Ivory Homes (our builder) had been sued in the past for this or if maybe they were no longer in business because of lawsuits.  But Ivory homes builds thousands of homes and has been in business for many many years.  Does this guy seriously think we would be the only house that they would use Chinese drywall in?  He also thought that we were trying to hide something because we had our air conditioning units replaced.  HELLO!  They broke, that’s why they were replaced.  Like we really wanted to spend more than $6,000 for nothing.  Don’t use this guy if you want a truthful home inspection but if you want lies about your home, go for it!”

Rebuttle from Jim Fahs, owner of Wasatch Home Inspections:

“This person is not my client.  She neither retained me, nor was provided a report.  As such, her review is baseless and may have only hurt herself as the seller of the home.”

Yelp post continues:

“I am not your client but your report did cost me my sale because of your baseless allegations.  You had no solid evidence that there is Chinese drywall in my home, only that it smelled funny and that I replaced my a/c units and there was 3 black spots on my mirrors.  As a matter of fact the exposed drywall that you can see don’t say they are made in China.  So I didn’t hurt the sale of my home, you did!”

– Yelp poster’s name withheld for obvious reasons.

September 28, 2015

Jim, this is an outstanding report. Thorough and detailed; just what we needed. Thank you very much for your detailed analysis, i know it took a lot of extra work, and you certainly put in the extra effort required to get everything uncovered.

-Joe Cartwright

May 18, 2015

Thank you Jim!

I love reading your reports, they always make me feel like I’m right there 🙂

– Avery Atwood

March 17, 2015

Thanks Jim for all your help.  Overall we feel pretty happy with the house. We know there is no perfect used house.  It was a long road to get here but we  think having the two previous inspections has made us feel most comfortable with the third and final inspection. When you know you are going to be in the house a long time and compare the cost of the home purchase to the cost of the inspection(s) is well worth it. We have appreciated your thoroughness on your reports.

-Ben Lowry

November 24, 2014

Jim was very thorough in the home inspection he was hired to do. His work was done on time, he made a fair and complete analysis of the home, and backed up his work with great photos and explanations. I felt very safe dealing with him. He stands out in his field.

-Barbara Saunders

November 20, 2014

Good afternoon Jim,

I do want to tell you that you’re by far the best Home Inspector we’ve had and will refer you to anyone we know looking to buy. Previous inspectors that we used were not thorough and as well presented in the findings as you were. Thank you so much for everything! It sure did help with some of the stress as I saw how thorough you were.

-Shawn Bauman


November 7, 2014

Awesome!    I get it now.   Thanks for your kind help so quickly!

This is perfect.

You made my day.

Thank you Jim.

-Lisa Harwood


November 5, 2014

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to go back to the house and re-inspect those couple items.  You have done a GREAT job!  At first, when you told me everything that was wrong with the place I felt very overwhelmed.  Once it all settled in, I really appreciated that you were able to complete such a thorough inspection.
I will definitely send business your way if I hear of anyone needing a home inspection. 🙂
Thanks again,

-Sabrina Mellott


November 4, 2014
Hi Jim,
Wanted to thank you again for taking the time to inspect the home. Believe you provided a fair and thorough analysis of the property, and it’s very much appreciated. I also feel more comfortable with the homes various systems and their operation.
-Jeremy Forster
September 10, 2014

Hello again, Jim.
GOT IT! Thanks so much! The report looks great.  It’s very easy to read and understand, and we appreciate how clearly you explained
every detail. The photos also show the care you took during the inspection to give us the facts that we need to proceed. Thank you!
-Stephanie & Craig Miller

August 18, 2014

You exceeded our expectations in every way and the inspection fee we paid for your service is way lower than what we want to pay for the value you provided.
Thanks again,
-William & Anita
August 4, 2014
Jim is not only an expert in home inspectio, he is highly ethical and can be trusted to give you the real facts about your property. I would glady hire him again if he were in my area and I needed his service!”
-George Harrison
July 30, 2014
Thank you again for the awesome and very detailed inspection. I understand all of it and I appreciate your comments, pictures and recommendations.
-Ted & Gail Duffy
July 25, 2014

Thank you Jim!  It was a pleasure meeting and working with you yesterday.

Take care!

-Kris Larrabee


May 24, 2014

Hi Jim,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for such a remarkably executed home inspection.  Since this was my first time purchasing a home I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was able to get a good idea based off extensive research on the internet.  This was an out of state purchase for me so I flew in for inspection and have to admit there was a level of trepidation that I couldn’t get past, purely related to uncertainty.  I consider myself an extremely detail oriented person by default which is compounded even more so by the nature of my career, so naturally my bar is set at a particular level when it comes to having my expectations met.  If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself, right?  Wrong.  I never thought I would meet someone who is even more detail oriented than myself but it happened.  The value I got out of Jim’s inspection far exceeded my expectations as well as my wallet; I feel that I got a lot more than I paid for.  He was gracious enough to let me watch while he worked and I learned so much that I will never look at a property in the same way again.  If I am lucky enough to purchase again in the future I will certainly use his services again, even if I have to pay for his flight to wherever that may be.
Thanks again Jim for a truly exemplary customer service experience and being patient with all the questions I asked.
Tom Petillo


May 8, 2014

Phenomenal work, Jim.  We feel we got more than our money’s worth.  You are a professional, and we appreciate the time you took to do this inspection.

-Joe Metro

February 9, 2014

Jim is amazing and he spends the time needed to get the job done right. I will use him again.

-Josh Campbell

January 17, 2014

“Jim’s work as an inspector is top-notch!  I’ve rarely known anyone as thorough, professional and friendly as he is.  I can recommend him to anyone without reservation.”     -Peter Lassig II

November 21, 2013

Just wanted to let you know what I think about your business. You went above and beyond my expectations. Far and away better than the last home inspector I used. I really appreciate your time and thoroughness. Thanks!

-Devin Lethbridge

August 30, 2013
Wasatch Home Inspections came highly recommended from our realtor. Upon contacting Jim Fahs, he was able to give us the price for his services within a few short hours so we knew exactly what to expect. On the day of the inspection, Jim spent many hours combing through our prospective home to give us the best evaluation of what the home had to offer (both positive and negative). For the last hour or so of that time, he took us around the home to show us what he had found and then used his computer to show us pictures of things that were not visible to the naked eye (roof things, etc). He was very detailed with his descriptions of what he suggested needed to be completed to make the house move in ready. His written report was submitted to us within a few hours, even though the inspection had ended around the dinner hour. His detailed and quick service was a definite blessing to us in purchasing our new home.
-Brittany McNair


August 1, 2013

I had a great experience with Jim. I tend to think I am fairly observant when it comes to flaws but he was able to catch everything. He was able to help me see the problem and understand if it should be a big concern or not. I would highly recommend Jim Fahs for your next home inspection!     -Nathan Dye

July 17, 2013

I was very pleased with the experience I had.   It was very affordable, informational and easy to understand.  Also due to being a single female purchasing a home I appreciated the phone call explaining it to me and the fact that the inspector made himself available for future questions.     -Cindy Nash

July 11, 2013
Jim was thorough in his inspection and detailed in his documentation.  He found several small issues that we were able to have resolved before our purchase that we would have otherwise missed.  We highly recommend him.     -Ryan and Elizabeth
May 25, 2013
Thank you for the inspection you performed on a home that we were looking to purchase.  Although we could see some obvious issues with the house, your thorough inspection found even more potentially costly repairs that we were unable to detect on our own. We appreciate the time you spent with us explaining each issue that was found during your inspection. This helped us make the decision to walk away from the purchase of this home due to the substantial costs that we were unable to negotiate in the terms of the purchase agreement.  We are confident we made the right decision, and have no regrets. We are extremely grateful for the professional service that you provided us.
Thanks,     -Rick and Robyn Clayton
May 6 and May 24, 2013
Jim was an excellent resource to us while buying our first home. He went the extra mile to provide accurate and detailed inspections.  We’re glad we were introduced to him!     -Aaron Reimschiissel
March 16, 2013
Thank you Jim, I would like to take this time to mention that I highly appreciate your work and the quality thereof. I would highly recommend you to anyone due to your thorough and in depth, and quality of service. You were fast, friendly, respectful, personable, and over all very easy to deal with. I will also recommend to Kelly to retain your services through her company as a reputable business partner. Thank you once again Jim.     – Jesse Dixon


Note: Prior to establishing Wasatch Home Inspections here in Utah, I was the owner of Young Home Inspections (serving Tampa Bay area of Florida) from November 9, 1999 until my recent sale on January 29, 2013.


The following are unsolicited client testimonials posted by our Florida clients on www.AngiesList.com


October 07, 2011

Mr. Fahs,

I wanted to take a moment to commend you on the work of your employees and offer a testimonial.

We have used Young Home Inspection twice in the last 60 days due to a failed short sale and a later successful purchase.

Your firm came highly recommended on Angie’s List, which is where we found it.

Our first inspection involved a short sale house that, in very direct terms, required a fair amount of work. Mike, our inspector, was so thorough that we were worried about the amount of time it took him to complete the inspection! When he completed his work, despite the late hour, he took the time to walk through the property with us and review his findings. He was very detailed and particular about what he did, and it was clear to us that he is very accomplished in his discipline.

Unfortunately, or possibly not, the short sale fell through at the end. As a result of this, we continued to look for a new home and found one shortly after. Again, we contacted your firm, and in this case were doing everything possible to “fast track” the sale.

When I spoke with Bill to schedule the inspection and wind mitigation survey, I told him of our concern for the time frame we were working in. He was quite helpful in scheduling the inspection and wind mitigation survey in a timely manner. He was also able to recommend a company (SWAT) that could do our WDO inspection at the same time. This was a real time saver, and helped immensely in coordinating the work so we could complete it on short notice.

We were very pleased to see Mike again at our second inspection. As before, he was extremely thorough, and again spent what we felt was a lengthy amount of time going over the house and reviewing his findings with us. As with Bill, we let Mike know that we were working on a very short schedule, and anything he could do to assist us in getting the reports back as quickly as possible would be a tremendous help. He checked to see that the wind mitigation survey could get back to us quickly, as he suggested that they typically took a day or two.

By mid-day the next day we had the link to our home inspection, and by the end of the same business day the wind mitigation survey had been transmitted.

As with the first inspection, I submitted a report on Angie’s List regarding the exemplary service we received from your firm. Unfortunately, Angie’s List does not allow multiple reports for the same supplier in a less than six month period from the same customer, so I was not able to submit an additional report.

With that in mind, I felt that the level of service and professionalism we received from Young Inspection warranted a personal note to yourself. While people will not hesitate to complain about poor service, it is rare that exemplary service is rewarded. As a former business person in a service industry, I know all too well that compliments are rare – complaints are more likely!

You are fortunate to have employees such as Bill and Mike, and I hope that you will take a moment and commend them for their excellent work and professionalism.

While it is unlikely that we will require your services in the immediate future, you can rest assured that when the topic comes up, we will highly recommend your firm. You can also feel free to use us as a reference as well.




July 08, 2012

I would highly recommend them. I found them to be prompt, professional and thorough. The reports generated were readable, complete and delivered when promised


June 13, 2012

I called Young home inspections to do my home inspection on a townhome that I’m going to purchase and they were able to get me in there schedule within that week. I met Jay at the property as he was punctual, and I was not, but he did not hold that against me. He was very nice and friendly and performed a thorough inspection answering any questions that I had.


June 03, 2012

We are new to home buying and to Angie’s List. That being said, we are avid fans of HGTV’s “Holmes Inspection”, so we had high expectations for our first home inspection. We are happy to report that the assigned inspector exceeded our expectations in every way: He was on time, professional, and conducted the three-hour inspection with a surgeon’s focus. He displayed an impressive command of technical knowledge, and eagerly answered all questions on the walk-through. Although the home was only built in 1987, there were quite a few minor issues (minor now, but could lead to serious problems later), along with a big HVAC drainage problem. It can be difficult to hear the list of things wrong with a property you want to buy, but we are so grateful these flaws were brought to our attention so we can fix them early before they cause serious damage. We will definitely use Young Home Inspections in the future, and recommend them to others as well.


February 11, 2012

Our first inspection that we hired Young Home Inspections for was on 31 December 2011. We were purchasing a 1928 Bungalow. The home was by appearance in pretty good shape for the age of the home. The inspection went well until we got to the wiring and foundation of the house. The prior owners had started to re-wire the entire house, but had not finished it. Our inspector Jay was very thorough in looking over the wiring and showing us where there might be a problem later on down the road. He also crawled into the tiniest crawl space I have ever seen to inspect the foundation of this house. He found that the piers underneath were not stable and that there had been some haphazard work done on them to help support the house. Even though we really liked the house we decided to back out of the contract because of the possible costly repairs. If the inspection by Jay had not been done as methodically and carefully, we possibly could have bought a money pit!

The second inspection was done on 02 February 2012. We found another property that we were interested in and decided to hire Young Home Inspections again because of their truth and thoroughness. We also decide to hire them because this was in essence a “flipped” property. We wanted to make sure that the work done on the property was not just “window dressing”. This inspection went a lot better. There were not any deal breakers with this house. There was a possible termite problem which was discovered by Jay during the attic inspection. We were able to get the sellers to treat the house and give us a 1-year warranty on the treatment. Most of the other things that were found were minor and easily repaired.

We would use this company again if we were to buy any other properties. They make sure that the entire property is checked completely. It is not a cursory inspection, they delve deep to insure that you are getting what you are paying for. In the current housing market that is important because there are a lot of substandard properties out there. I found this company on Angie’s List and liked the write-up that I read about them. They were highly rated and they should be. They were great!!!


January 16, 2012

Excellent. On time. Comprehensive inspection. Found a number of issues I overlooked. Great report with photos.


December 28, 2011

We are planning to purchase condominium “as is”, but I wanted to be aware of any potential problems before the purchase. The inspector did a thorough job and explained his findings to me. He explained the severity of any problems and also told me how to handle the AC system when going on a trip, etc. He also suggested future upgrades, even though the present condo was up to code. He found that AC system was not functioning quite up-to-par, so I am planning to have a HVAC company inspect and repair the unit. It appears that these will not be large repairs. The inspector was friendly, prompt and professional. He took time to explain his findings. The company supplied a complete inspection report on their website on Sunday (after Friday inspection) I would use this company again, and would recommend them to my family & friends. I have already recommended them to the realtor.


November 05, 2011

Inspector arrived on time, and started inspection right away. He was very courteous and professional. Very thorough and went over every inch of the home. The home was not very old but he checked everything. I was very happy with how the inspection went and very pleased with how knowledgeable the inspector was. I would definitely recommend this company to others and use again if I needed to.


October 06, 2011

It went well and the company is very professional.


October 03, 2011

We used Young on a short sale property last month, the sale of which subsequently fell through. Since they did such a great job on the previous inspection, it was a no-brainer to have them inspect the home we are now attempting to purchase. As before, Bill did a great job going over everything on the phone, and even recommended a service provider to do our WDO (termite) inspection. After telling him we were on a fast track to close as soon as possible, Bill was able to arrange an inspection the same week for us. Mike arrived on time and got right to it. As with the previous inspection, he was very thorough and detailed, and spent nearly four hours inspecting the property. When he was done, he took time to walk around the property and point out things he found during the inspection, both good and bad. He also reviewed the wind mitigation inspection, and explained how it worked and what he was looking for. This was nice, as not having been Florida residents for a few years we were not familiar with what a wind mitigation inspection entailed. With our need to get the information as quickly as possible, Mike advised us that he would do what he could to expedite the wind mitigation inspection. Before the end of the next business day, we had both the house and wind mitigation inspections! This was fantastic, as it allowed us to move things ahead as quickly as possible. While we hope we won’t need their services again in the near future, Young Home Inspection would definitely be our first choice for this type of service. They did a fantastic job!


September 15, 2011

I needed a wind mitigation inspection for my roof for insurance purposes—as well as a general inspection for several areas of water intrusion into my town home.

Since living in this particular town home, water intrusion has been an ongoing problem…I had used Young Home Inspections many years ago & their inspector immediately identified a very subtle area over a window—something that no one else would ever find. I was so impressed, I kept that gentleman’s business card for YEARS! Fast forward to 2011–Young Home Inspections are always prompt, attentive, professional—completely knowledgeable of the services/products they sell. In an unbelievably complicated situation re: the HOA where I reside—the inspections provided from Young have been invaluable in my efforts to remedy a continually poorly repaired roofing system.

I don’t know if I can mention this–but Jim Fahs: the owner himself–has availed himself to me countless times via e-mail & phone during this extremely difficult time in preparing a cohesive plan for repairs. I cannot say enough about Jim—and each and every one of the inspectors who have come out and provided very individual and personalized service for each issue!

I am by no means a roofing expert—yet I have felt completely cognizant of the problems thanks to Young’s well prepared reports.

I cannot say enough good about these guys—truly a service to ALL homeowners and I can recommend wholeheartedly and with NO reservation this absolutely excellent company.


August 23, 2011

Mike, the inspector, was early and ready to go when all parties arrived at the property. He performed his job very thoroughly and professionally, offering suggestions and comments throughout the process, despite our efforts to stay out of his way while he worked. When he was finished, nearly four hours later (a testament to how much time and effort he put into the process!) he took the time to go over his report in detail with me and answer any questions I had. He also took the time to explain how my report would be accessible a few hours later on Young’s web site. As we finished up, I realized I had failed to let the person who scheduled the inspection know that I was an Angie’s List customer. When I advised Mike, he promptly returned my check and gave me the discounted price so that I could write another check for the new amount. The following day I spoke with someone at their office to let them know what a great job Mike had done, along with inquiring about a possible future wind mitigation inspection for my insurance company. They advised me that as a repeat customer I would be entitled to a discount on my future inspection should I require it. I highly recommend this company! They exceeded my expectations and went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied with their work.


August 11, 2011

Was looking to inspect a condo that I was planning to purchase. They were prompt and cordial to provide the quote.

On the day of inspection he arrived on time. Did a very thorough inspection and explained me everything. If opportunity arises, I will call them again.


July 07, 2011

When I got there, Mike Tomlinson (home Inspector) was already there talking to my husband. He already started by going into the attic. I had a list of questions to ask him about the exterior and interior of the house. He had no problem with that. He asked me what were all the questions so when he encountered the problem, he would be able to answer the question which he did. He took his time and made sure to check everything. He checked the exterior next. He went on the roof and inspected the roof and chimney. Answering questions and explaining while he was inspecting regarding concerns and what needs to be done. He then inspected the backyard. Then he went inside after that and went next to the bathrooms because that was the biggest concern we had regarding the house. He answered and explained in detail what he thought. He checked all the outlets, air duct. the inspection was supposed to be 3 hours but he did a very complete job and it ended up to be 4 1/2 hours. I would use Young Home Inspection again if we needed to in the future. Candice and Bill who work in the office were great help. I had to cancel the first scheduled appointment because electricity was not turned on and they were understanding and had no problem to help me reschedule to another date. Overall, we were satisfied with Mike and Young Home Inspection. After inspection was done, he went over the inspection. He also took pictures of the concerns. Full report will be available next day online.

We were very pleased with the overall work. Mike Tomlinson was very professional and answered all questions and concerns. We would recommend Young Home Inspection. I would like to thank Mike again.


July 02, 2011

Excellent inspection. Well worth the money. Mike Tomlinson was thorough and pleasant and a far cry from my prior experience with another company. Would highly recommend him.


May 05, 2011

I used Young Home Inspections twice, one time was when we bought a new house a month ago and once on our old house.

They are very thorough and excellent.


March 28, 2011

Young Home Inspections made the process easy! They were flexible on schedule, met me at the new house on time, and completed their work thoroughly. The inspector then debriefed me and found issues that I would have never found on my own. Their final report was very well done and now provides me with a punch list of items that need to be fixed now that I own the home. I highly recommend this company for home inspections.


March 14, 2011

I was so impressed with initial contact, speed of response, extremely thorough inspection and patience in explaining it to me, professional binder with full report, and the follow-up. I’m very happy and confident in their service and inspection and would highly recommend Young Home Inspections.


March 12, 2011

Excellent. I was about to replace my tile roof which was going to cost $20,000 and would have a 20 year warranty. Before I spent that much money, I had Young give me a full inspection of my home which I have owned for 14 years to be sure no work needed to be done before the roof was replaced. He did a very thorough job and had an electronic report to me within 24 hours. He was very pleasant and gave me a sense of confidence that the house was in very good condition and could support the new roof.


March 09, 2011

I was very satisfied. They were very comprehensive inspections. They covered anything I needed to know about the properties. I was very impressed. It was well worth the money spent. They were very professional, they came right on-time. They met my real estate agent and I was very happy how quickly they got the report when the inspections were done. It was a matter of days. You get what you paid for. You can get inspections for much less money but it was a fair price for what I got. I highly recommend them to the Angie’s List members. I would use this company in the future.


March 06, 2011

I really appreciate the convenience and professionalism of Young home inspection. I had originally scheduled an appointment on 2/23/11 for a new condo I was buying but received bad news that my loan might not go through so I had to cancel on them last minute. They were understanding and did not charge me any late cancellation fees. I was able to obtain a loan from a different bank and called them the next day to schedule a same day appointment and they were very accommodating. They did not have any openings for that day but later called back since they were able to squeeze me in. I was not there for the home inspection but my dad stated that the inspector came on time and was very professional. We received a binder afterwards with all the information. I would recommend Young home inspection. Make sure to mention that you are a member of Angie’s list b/c they offer a 20 dollar discount.


January 19, 2011

Performed an inspection on a new construction 4,700 ft. home. Thorough and professional.


January 11, 2011

An inspector from Young’s performed a home inspection on a prospective real estate purchase. The inspector arrived on time. He first inspected the roof and exterior walls. Then the inside of the house, including all appliances, plumbing, and electrical outlets. Finally, he donned coveralls, put on a respirator, and went up in the attic. As a result of this thorough inspection, problems were uncovered that were previously unknown, and as a result, the offer to purchase was withdrawn. The money paid for the inpection was definitely well-spent.


December 18, 2010

4-point survey of the property (outside and inside of the house) for roof defects, plumbing, electric, and structure. It was worth every penny and then some I received information that was hidden from me at the time I purchased my home 1 year ago (eg: roof was certified by VA inspector as only 5 years old – actually over 12 years old, home breaker panel certified by VA inspector and insurance company inspector is actually over loaded AND illegal with incorrect wiring and loose wire exposed). In addition to this information he pointed out several things that were wrong with my pool and patio that I thought were only naturally occurring items that were actually negligent acts that should have been disclosed to me, at no charge to me. And explained the reasons I would need a complete work up and not just a 4 point inspection to find all the defects to my new home that were disclosed to me….but never pressured me to have the 2nd inspection. Fantastic service – timely – outstanding report – photos – more than I expected to receive for what I paid.


November 16, 2010

Absolutely Professional! Thorough, precise – explained everything in “5th grade language” – If you’re in Pinellas County, this is the company for you!


Alexis B. Redington Shores.


November 12, 2010

I hired Young to do 2 home inspections on different residential properties I was looking to purchase in St. Pete. Dan, the inspector, performed both last summer. Dan is great. Very thorough, on time, patient in explaining his findings. He worked well with my realtor (as I am out of state). I was recommended to Young by my realtor, felt the price was a little higher compared to other companies, but I was pleased with the service over all and would use again. I really felt that these folks know what they are doing and stand behind their work.


November 3, 2010

Very pleased with our service. I would recommend this company to any others seeking similar services.


October 6, 2010

We went with Young because of the great reviews on Angie’s List. They also were able to come out within a day when other companies couldn’t come out for a week. I don’t remember exactly how much I spent but I know that it was very reasonable when I was comparing prices at the time. One of the employees came out and was very nice and professional. He was here for about 3 hours and checked EVERYTHING out. We had been renting the house that we were buying so we knew a lot of the issues that it had already. I told him that he could skip over some things that we knew had issues, but he insisted that he check them anyway to make sure they weren’t worse than we thought. He took a long time going over the binder that he prepared for us and explained, in detail, each area that was in need of repair. Overall, it was a great experience and I felt that he knew what he was talking about and was trustworthy.


September 21, 2010

Before buying condo I had Young Inspection do a complete inspection of the property. They did a good detailed job complete with pictures. They were on time and arranged with the RE Agent to meet at the property. Everything was easy. I was out-of-town at the time of inspection and found them on Angies List. They made the arrangements with the RE Agent and submitted an on-line computer report the next day.


June 16, 2010

We have used Young Home Inspection several times in the past 12 years. Usually for pre-purchase of a home; this time we hired them to do a limited home inspection at our son’s home. A leak was discovered due to an aging roof and recommendations were made as to the most sensible and economical solution. Dan is punctual and always very professional and thorough. They have been consistent with their service over the years. We wouldn’t think of buying a home or making major repairs without having Young Home Inspection taking a look at it first!


June 14, 2010

very thorough. spent several hours looking over property inside and out. provided very nice report.


March 17, 2010

This is the second time I have used them. They are very professional and thorough. Both times the tech was more than happy to answer all my questions. After completing the inspection they filled in a detailed report and went over every page with me.


January 03, 2010

They did a great job and found things that would have normally been overlooked. The house had a leaky shower pan but it was a small leak. Upon arrival, the inspector filled the shower bottom and plugged it and then proceeded to do the rest of the inspection. After he was finished with everything else he went back to the shower pan and discovered that there was water along the baseboards on the other side of the wall and the shower pan would need to be replaced. At the end of the inspection I was given a nice binder of materials, which was sectioned for different parts of the house and included major/minor (>$1,000 and <$1,000) repair estimates. I have recommended them to friends already.


December 28, 2009

Complete inspection of 1920’s bungalow to possibly purchase. The inspector was extremely thorough and spent as much as needed to complete the job. He was very helpful and informative.


December 28, 2009

The inspector showed up early at both inspections and started looking at the exterior of the home. He was very professional and thorough. It wasn’t necessary, but we were able to walk around with the inspector while he did the inspection. He was able to point things out as he went, but also did a thorough summary of all the issues at the end. The summary walk through is more than sufficient for someone that isn’t able to be there with him the whole time. From start to finish, the inspection took about 5 hours (about 4 hours for the inspection and about an hour for him to write the report). Although Young Home Inspection is one of the most expensive out there, we felt their inspection was well worth the money and highly recommend them.


November 29, 2009

Prior to the inspection, the only recommendation I could get was a list from the real estate company. I am very happy that I checked other resources. The inspector was at the home early and had already started looking at the roof when I got there. Upon getting into the home, he got to work right away. He was quick and quiet. He was done with the inspection quicker than expected. After he was done, he sat with me and answered all my questions. We went through each item in the report one by one. Even though he told me that the first thing I have to do in my first house is put on a new roof, I was still happy to have had him there.


November 22, 2009

It went GREAT! Mike Tomlinson, my inspector, did a phenomenal job. Since I’m a first-time buyer, I had a lot of questions. He encouraged my participation in the process while continuing to work methodically and thoroughly. He pointed out the smallest details and gave me pointers on how and when to address specific issues– large and small. After inspection, he reviewed the report with me. My confidence in his professionalism was reinforced the next day at my FTHB class– he was one of the presenters!


October 01, 2009

Home inspection on a 50-year-old home with significant modifications. Very thorough. Identified many simple, but important electrical deficiencies from old remodeling projects. Identified that the home was leaking water, then spent 30 minutes in isolating and locating the leak–lots of peace of mind in knowing that it was not in the slab. Dan says he has done several hundred [sic…in truth, more like 5,000] inspections and his experience shows. I felt much more comfortable in proceeding with a home purchase on this older home.


September 10, 2009

Inspection of a large home (2,800 sq. ft.) with detached garage, cabana, work sheds, pool, spa and pond. Dan did a full, 6-hour inspection of the home, from crawling under the house to the attic. This is the second time we’ve used this company and worked with Dan. He did an inspection for us almost a year ago on another house and discovered every hidden structural issues that prevented us from making a costly mistake by purchasing the home. He was once again incredibly thorough, and the system that Young uses to document the findings is very detailed and enabled us to negotiate the purchase price downward for unknown/undisclosed issues. We would highly recommend this company.


September 08, 2009

He did a fabulous job. I found him on Angie’s List and he gave me a $25 off because of Angie’s List. I can’t think of anything he could have done better. In fact, my boyfriend ended up using him the very next week. He did a great job. He showed up on time and we were able to get him quickly. He checked everything from top to bottom; he checked the roof, all the electric connections, plumbing, etc. He wrote up a very detailed report and went over it with us afterwards. I was very impressed with him.


August 31, 2009

Our inspector was polite, calm, professional, and intensely thorough. He spent roughly four hours going everywhere that was physically accessible, including the crawl space under the roof. He checked wiring, plumbing, foundations and a total of 350 specific items detailed for us in a green binder with definitions for the layperson. He gave an oral explanation of the entire report, answered questions, and clarified anything we didn’t understand.


June 21, 2009

We ordered a complete home inspection of a deceased family member’s condo unit in Palm Harbor. Since we’re in Illinois, we had no way to evaluate such companies, and had just joined Angie’s List for repairs to our Illinois home. We added Tampa as a chapter to get ratings on companies in that area, and selected Young Home Inspections based on the top-notch ratings they’d received. The $20 discount for finding them on Angie’s list was a nice “extra”. From the initial call by Bill explaining services and costs, to the final call from YHI telling us how to see the complete report, we were very impressed with their service. The inspection covers 350 points, and is extremely thorough and included photos to document problem areas. We now have an excellent understanding of the home’s good and bad points and things that need attention. Without this, it’d be impossible to sell it in a responsible manner and set a fair price. Other than a minor misunderstanding on how/when to get/see the report, this went a smoothly as it could have. Thumbs up for Young Home Inspections and inspector Jim Fahs!


February 28, 2009

Jim virtually looked at every inch of the property and house. I expected 4 hours and was there for 6.5. He was very thorough and answered all my questions. He arrived on time and began his inspection. He covered all the points stated when I made the initial phone call and more. He answered all my questions above and beyond what I expected. I highly recommend this company and Jim.


December 10, 2008

We hired Jim to do a general inspection for a condo we purchased in Oct. 2008. Although I believed there would not be very much to inspect on a relatively new condo, Jim did a very thorough job of inspecting the property. He identified some significant items that required repair prior to the deal closing. He was prompt, friendly and professional.


October 27, 2008

Did a full general inspection and a 4-pt inspection on a 1941 bungalow. Very pleased. Was extremely thorough and very professional.


September 29, 2008

Jim Fahs, President of the company, performed my inspection personally. He was extremely thorough and very polite. I was extremely pleased with the services that he provided, and I would highly recommend this organization to anyone. It went perfectly! Mr. Fahs arrived early, and performed an even more thorough inspection than I had expected. The report prepared was extremely full of details, and it truly helped me in the home buying process.


August 22, 2008

Dan showed up early, was extremely thorough, taking the time to answer questions along the way. We were presented with a comprehensive binder full of information about the report issued. Dan was knowledgeable, polite and neat. When I first read all of the comments about Young’s I thought they must have all of their relatives writing in! Now that I have seen them in action I can attest that they deserve an A+. I would not hesitate to call on them again and will refer them to friends.


August 13, 2008

The inspection was extremely thorough. He spent 4 hours going through every last detail of the house. I’m a first time home buyer and Mike took the time to explain a lot of things to me that will be helpful to know in the future.


July 10, 2008

WOW, so this company doesn’t need another glowing review but I feel compelled to agree with what everyone has already said. This company is great! Jim was on time and such a professional. I have NEVER seen a more thorough inspection. My realtor even commented that she had never seen an inspector do such a complete and detailed job. If you want peace of mind when purchasing a house I can highly recommend Jim Fahs. He tipped us off to some serious structural issues. When the work was complete he went over his entire report in detail to make sure that my husband and I did not have any questions.


June 10, 2008

Mike came out (showing up a few minutes early) to inspect a property that we were looking to purchase. Despite the fact that there was no power, and no appliances, kitchen, hvac, he took his time and gave us an exhaustive report on everything he could, going above and beyond what most inspectors would do. He took the time to explain issues as he went, and the report that was provided was excellent, and thorough. It’s no wonder they have such an excellent reputation here on Angie’s List.


May 10, 2008

Dan was extremely thorough in his duties. As prior reviews have mentioned the inspection takes time to do it right. Dan did a terrific job of finding things that were not obvious to the casual observer. He crawled all over the attic and found wiring trouble. While there were no “major” finds, he did uncover issues that could lead to problems and helped me identify potential trouble spots. Part of the inspection includes a sit down to go through the report in every detail. Even the report was spectacular, presented at the end of the inspection in a 1-inch binder that included useful information every aspect of the inspection that will serve as a reference going forward. Clearly very experienced and knowledgeable.


May 9, 2008

I needed a home inspection for hurricane insurance purposes. It was an inspection for wind and impact. Jim came by and was right on time. He was very personable and did a good job. He was honest and candid. I had some issues I wanted resolved and we resolved them. We then went outside and did a perimeter inspection. About an hour later at the dining room table, he advised me that the cost and the savings would probably not be equal. I felt because he was so straightforward and upfront that I would go ahead and work with him because he was so good to work with the inspection and being so candid.


May 7, 2008

The inspector did a superlative job in every respect. He arrived on time, efficiently and thoroughly went through the house, left the house exactly as found, and sat down with us at the end of this inspection to go over the results and answer questions. He presented us with two copies of his well-documented report. And, he was a very pleasant individual to work with, to boot.


March 3, 2008

Dan was my inspector. He arrived 5 minutes early and was ready to start. I was asked a few questions and he started right away with the job at hand. I was told it would take about 3 hours to do a full home inspection plus a 4 point inspection for the insurance. At the end he was able to present me with a very professional book with all his notes as well as examples of what kind of damage he was talking about in pictures. He left the site with no indication he was ever there. I am very pleased with the results! I really had no clue of what to expect from this company and what I received was worth every penny! On time, well-mannered and professional.


November 13, 2007

I requested a maintenance home inspection, in order to assess what issues I may currently have with my home. I wanted to have this inspection done by someone who would not be trying to sell me an unnecessary repair in order to make a sale. I selected this company based on their rating with Angie’s list and I’m glad that I did.


November 5, 2007

Scheduled a home inspection with them on Friday for an inspection the following Friday. When I arrived, the inspector was already there doing a roof walk. He answered all the questions I had with complete and coherent answers and even suggested ways to accomplish the minor repairs the house needed. He showed me all the problems he found and then went over them in the report book. The report book was very detailed in both his findings and the explanation. He was extremely thorough and very professional. I would hire this company again and would recommend them to anyone I knew needing an inspection done.


July 26, 2007

I had an issue with a sub-par report and inspection conducted by another firm. I reached out to Young looking for them to provide a second opinion. I spoke with Dan Burns during my initial phone call. Dan spent nearly half an hour on the phone with me discussing my issue without any pressure to hire his firm. I then decided to hire Young for inspection, and the president of the firm, Jim Fahs, then contacted me prior to the inspection in order to get as much background information as he could. Jim performed the work and did an excellent job. He also was very quick to respond to the follow up questions I had. I hired my first home inspector strictly over email. They were not satisfactory at all. I spoke with nearly 15 home inspectors when interviewing people to conduct the follow up inspection and Young s staff was far and away the best. I would recommend Young to anyone. Their professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding.


September 26, 2006

Dan, from Young Home Inspections, came out to inspect a home I had under contract. He arrived early to our appointment and started the exterior inspection of the home before I arrived. He was very thorough, detailed in his explanations and friendly. Money well spent, thank you!


July 4, 2006

Dan the inspector was very knowledgeable, polite, prompt & professional. He was very thorough in his inspection. Their report is very detailed and easy to follow and comes in a hard 3 ring binder. They also included a 4 point survey to present to an insurance company if required. Price was originally quoted at $395 and then reduced to $370 when I mentioned the Angie’s List $25 off coupon. One of the most professional companies I have ever hired. Well worth the money.


June 7, 2006

Mr. Fahs is a lovely person to deal with. He got back to me promptly to set up the appointment for the inspection. He arrived on time, and quickly did his job. I had some questions afterwards, and he took my call after hours and spent an amazing amount of time patiently answering all of my questions and giving me additional information. I also appreciate that he sent me an invoice (with a pre-stamped envelope!). So many people want their check on the spot, and I find Mr. Fahs’ way of doing business refreshing.


June 5, 2006

Categorized and completed a very thorough inspection and detailed every item that needed to be fixed, needed replacement, or may need repair. All info was presented in a three ring binder and categorized with detailed punch lists of items inspected and recommendations for deficient items. Very professional and detailed staff and report.


May 3, 2006

John Susen arrived at the house first thing in the morning, even before I got there. He was friendly and professional, and he treated me with respect (I am a single woman who looks very young and he did not talk down to me or assume I wouldn’t understand something). He took the time to tell me what he was looking at and the way things should work. The inspection was very thorough. The problems he found were minor for the most part, but based on his report I was able to convince the seller to credit me for half of the roof replacement cost. I was very pleased with the whole experience and I feel confident that the house is sound and in good condition for its age.


February 16, 2006

Young didn’t leave a single stone unturned. They found lots of points that were bargaining points in the sale and have since served as a road map for fixing up an old home. There were no surprises, and they have been great about answering followup questions. Though their price was somewhat high, it was worth every penny to have the peace of mind.