Wasatch Home Inspections

It can sting…

You really want to choose a home inspector who is familiar with what it actually takes to own and maintain a home.  As such, you really should hire a home inspector who has owned a home or two.  But even better than that is a home inspector who not only owns their home, but has invested in real estate too.  The perspective shifts as you move from an admirer of home, to an owner of your own home, to an investor in homes.  I was a home inspector in my 30s and I thought I did a good job then.  But now that I’m in my 50s, I know I serve my clients much better than before.  I have owned several homes and I’m a current investor in real estate.  The knowledge that comes with this experience is useful to my clients.

In serving my clients, I approach a home inspection primarily to find out what about the home and property might hurt them by owning it in the future.  This seems to strike a cord with my clients – they seem to like this approach.  After all, the truth is that for every home flipper that has made tens of thousands of dollars on a home purchase, improvement, and sale, there must be 10 homeowners that have been hurt by owning a property – usually financial.  Home ownership can be a wonderful and financially rewarding venture, but if not done wisely, it can sting.