Wasatch Home Inspections

An Exit Strategy…

In business we talk about an “exit strategy”.  This means that when you begin your business it is wise to envision the day you sell that business – the goal would be to sell a business that is more valuable than the one you purchased.

You can approach a home purchase in a similar fashion.  Buy low and sell high – right?

On the surface, this sounds very simple.  But, let’s set aside the price of a home for a moment and consider some finer points that often come up on a home inspection – concrete driveways for example.  Many Utah driveways are in rough condition.  Now, a driveway in rough condition may not affect your pleasure in owning and living in your home, BUT, when you go to sell your home, it has a driveway in a rough condition.  As such, the home you are now selling is not worth so much.  From a business standpoint, you have a liability – a driveway in rough condition.

This is why just about everything is important when purchasing your next home.